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Summary : The French Landslide Observatory (Observatoire Multi-Disciplinaire des Instabilités de Versants) SNO-OMIV, monitors 8 continuously active landslides which are representative of the deformation mechanisms and forcing conditions (rainfall, seismicity) observed in the French Alps (hard/soft rocks, slow/fast moving slope). For each unstable slope, SNO-OMIV provides open access to records of landslide kinematics, landslide seismicity, landslide hydro-meteorology and landslide hydrogeophysics. Combined, these four categories of observations are unique worldwide for long-term landslide observations. SNO-OMIV((which has a INSU label since 2007) ) is labeled for the monitoring and data management/diffusion for: ● 8 permanent unstable slopes (Avignonet, La Clapière, Séchilienne, Super-Sauze, St-Eynard, Pégairolles, Vence, Villerville); observations acquired during campaigns experiments (on slopes exhibiting a peculiar behaviour -crisis-) and using the OMIV standards are also progressively disseminated. ● 5 categories of observation (Task Geodesy, Task Seismology, Task Hydrology, Task Meteorology, Task Hydrogeophysics) each of them being coordinated by one OSU through dedicated OMIV thematic Data-Centers. . The OMIV data portal presents the organization of data per sites, observation tasks, access to raw data or to products, and to the metadata is available at: http://www.ano- For all observation tasks, detailed workflows and procedures for data collection, quality control, formatting and ingestion in repository are available, and documented in DOI (RESIF, or Data@OSU). Involved laboratories: The SNO partnership associates, 5 OSUs (EOST, OSUG, THETA, OCA, OREME), two research laboratories (EMMAH, LETG) and two operational partners (ONF-RTM, BRGM). - OSUG/ISTerre - OCA/Géoscience Azur - THETA/Chrono-Environnement -OREME/Géosciences Other involved structures: Université d'Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse (UAPV) – INRA / UMR 1114 EMMAH Université de Caen-Normandie (UCN) – CNRS / UMR 6554 LETG ONF-RTM BRGM Web site

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